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Nevada City

Join the movement. Choose faster, more affordable internet for you and your neighbors.

Yuba Village Internet
79 / 50

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Connect to a faster, cheaper neighborhood network. Most users get 50Mbps or better

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Simple installation and fast, friendly, local support

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Pay less than 30c/GB. Most users pay $40 to $80 per month. No contract


All it takes is 50 confirmed pre-registrations for organizers to start deploying a network in Nevada City. Sign up today to bring faster, more affordable, locally run internet to you and your neighbors.

79 / 50

We'll mail you a postcard containing a code you must use to confirm your pre-registration and get on the list for an install.

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One Small Antenna, a Router, and a Connected Neighborhood

Yuba Village Internet will install a small antenna on your roof that connects with other antennas in your neighborhood. Together you and your neighbors create a network.

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Earn money by becoming a relay node

A relay node helps provide internet to your neighborhood. With your equipment, forward traffic to your neighbors and earn money for every byte you send.

Contact your organizer at if you're interested in running a relaymail_outline

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Organizer, Yuba Village Internet

Meet Yuba Village Internet:

Bringing faster, more affordable, and locally run internet to our community.
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