Using Althea


After joining your local Althea network, you’ll work with an operator to purchase some simple routing equipment and an easily installed antenna for your home or apartment. Your operator will also help install Althea firmware on your router, a program that will connect you to your local Althea network.


Together, all the connected routers in your neighborhood make up a network, which shares a high bandwidth connection to the internet. Basically, you’re teaming up with your neighbors to share the lower cost and faster speed of going straight to the source, cutting out slow corporate internet service providers.


Your backhaul connection is managed by local Althea operators, who have set up this network to secure blazing fast, affordable internet for themselves and their neighbors. Althea’s technology is designed to let routers in your neighborhood automatically and instantly pay each other to use bandwidth, directing the data in your network to travel along the most efficient path available at that moment for maximum speed.


You actually get paid when Althea reroutes data from other homes in your network via your unused bandwidth. You won’t notice any change in your internet speeds (except during periods of peak and exceptional use), and everyone’s data remains fully encrypted and private, but you will notice the savings. The exact amount you could be credited varies.