Traffic Transparency

This page describes Althea’s traffic management policies in line with the FCC transparency rules.

These statements apply to all networks running unmodified Althea software, networks modifying Althea’s software for their own use must make their own disclosure and should refrain from referring to themselves as ‘Althea networks’.

Network management polices

Congestion management policies

Traffic in Althea networks is managed by several versions of the fq_codel traffic management scheme.

As an explanation for the layman when there is insufficient available capacity for all demand connections are slowed biggest first. This will usually mean large downloads slowing and/or Ultra HD video being reduced to a lower quality setting.

Traffic will only be dropped if it is clearly malicious in nature. Such as multiple gigabits of ICMP traffic or TCP session opening packets.

Service description

Althea uses a dynamic network combined with a usage based billing strategy described in laymans terms on our blog.

In a reverse of the usual fixed offer of service Althea networks allow their users to configure what they are willing to pay for a given quality of service. By what exact medium the service is provided is not considered material to the users purchasing decision as long as the quality requirements are met.

A users device may change the connection medium at any time as new and better connections become available.


If you have technical questions please contact If you have questions about service in your area, please direct your questions to your local network organizer.