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Join the movement. Choose faster, cheaper, decentralized internet for you and your neighbors.

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Connect to a faster, cheaper neighborhood network. Most users get 50Mbps or better

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Simple installation and fast, friendly, local support

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Pay less than 20c/GB. Most users pay $30 to $50 per month. No contract

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Organizer, Timeex Netwox

Meet Timeex Netwox:

  • Install and Configure your hardware
  • Provide ongoing support
  • Help you earn money with your equipment
Sign up today to bring faster, cheaper, decentralized internet to you and your neighbors.
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One Small Antenna, a Router, and a Connected Neighborhood

Timeex Netwox will install a small antenna on your roof that connects with other antennas in your neighborhood. Together you and your neighbors create a network.

The router in your home provides high speed internet, selects the cheapest and best connection available and pays your bill - all automatically.

Every new user in your neighborhood expands coverage. Only a few homes or businesses need to be linked back to a fiber source for everyone to have faster speeds. Best of all- no big telecoms!

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Earn money by becoming a relay node

A relay node helps provide internet to your neighborhood. With your equipment, forward traffic to your neighbors and earn money for every byte you send.

By investing a few hundred dollars in radio equipment, you can get connected directly to the source, enjoy the fastest possible internet, help your neighbors, and earn money. Not all buildings are well-suited to host a relay node, so talk to your local organizer to find out whether this opportunity is available to you.

Contact your organizer at if you're interested in running a relaymail_outline

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All it takes is 100 confirmed pre-registrations for organizers to start deploying a network in Killarney. Sign up today to bring faster, cheaper, decentralized internet to you and your neighbors.

8 / 100

We'll mail you a postcard containing a code you must use to confirm your pre-registration and get on the list for an install.

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You can contact Timeex Netwox at or visit their Facebook Page