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Anderson Island

Join the movement. Choose faster, cheaper, decentralized internet for you and your neighbors.

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Connect to a faster, cheaper neighborhood network. Most users get 200Mbps or better

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Simple installation and fast, friendly, local support

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Pay less than 20c/GB. Most users pay $30 to $50 per month. No contract

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Organizer, Anderson Island Internet Co-op

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Organizer, Anderson Island Internet Co-op

Meet Anderson Island Internet Co-op:

The Anderson Island Internet Co-op’s primary goal is to provide an entirely new model of locally owned and operated high-speed internet to a community that currently has few choices of Internet access provided by commercial ISP’s that have shown little interest in providing quality high speed broadband service. It’s time for rural communities to benefit from the same services that larger cities have had access to for years. But rather than it being controlled by corporate ISP’s, have it be a service built, owned, and operated by the community itself so that everyone can benefit from everything that today‘s high speed internet access can provide.
Sign up today to bring faster, cheaper, decentralized internet to you and your neighbors.
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One Small Antenna, a Router, and a Connected Neighborhood

Anderson Island Internet Co-op will install a small antenna on your roof that connects with other antennas in your neighborhood. Together you and your neighbors create a network.

The router in your home provides high speed internet, selects the cheapest and best connection available and pays your bill - all automatically.

Every new user in your neighborhood expands coverage. Only a few homes or businesses need to be linked back to a fiber source for everyone to have faster speeds. Best of all- no big telecoms!

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Earn money by becoming a relay node

A relay node helps provide internet to your neighborhood. With your equipment, forward traffic to your neighbors and earn money for every byte you send.

By investing a few hundred dollars in radio equipment, you can get connected directly to the source, enjoy the fastest possible internet, help your neighbors, and earn money. Not all buildings are well-suited to host a relay node, so talk to your local organizer to find out whether this opportunity is available to you.

Contact your organizer at if you're interested in running a relaymail_outline

A neighborhood of Althea users


All it takes is 100 confirmed pre-registrations for organizers to start deploying a network in Anderson Island. Sign up today to bring faster, cheaper, decentralized internet to you and your neighbors.

28 / 100

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You can contact Anderson Island Internet Co-op at or call 206-338-9997 or visit their Facebook Page